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Ninth Grade Academy

About the School

NGA Shared Vision

Our vision is that all Ninth Grade Academy students will transition into the high school environment with the ability to master the challenging curriculums presented by grades 10 through 12.  In addition, we expect our highly qualified teachers to create a safe, productive, and successful learning environment, which is built upon a foundation of varied and diverse teaching strategies, integrated curriculum, and technology.  Teachers and school leaders will have opportunities to grow creatively and professionally, enabling them to meet the needs of a diverse student body.  In cooperation with the community, parents, and school leadership, students will be given an opportunity to improve learning experiences.  Various assessment tools and measurement tools will be implemented to monitor student achievement.  Opportunities will be available to students that allow them to identify and develop their special interests and talents to better prepare them to make life changing social, educational, and professional decisions.


NGA - Where Every Student is Celebrated

NGA is a counseling-based school with each student receiving special attention from his or her Freshman Focus advisor daily.  Nurturing, Guiding, and Achieving through academics, counseling, and extra-curricular activities are the keys to fulfilling the faculty, staff, and parent visions for NGA students.


Lincoln County School System Mission

Parents, teachers, and the community will collaborate to provide a safe, secure, and engaged academic journey.


Lincoln School System Vision

Students will have the skills, confidence, and determination to excel in a global society.